Nisha Maharaj - Inspiring Fifty: South Africa

Nisha Maharaj is known in South Africa as being a tech innovator and has been cited as one of the top 5 women in technology in South Africa.

She is a corporate executive having held exco positions for the past ten years in her career and decided to break out into the ICT environment as an entrepreneur she started off her career in ICT with limited knowledge in the ICT sector and has spent many years studying and understanding the technology gaps in South Africa/Africa and how to leverage off technology innovation to solve some of these challenges.

Nishas team, Niche Integrated solutions last year was one of the few women owned companies that won the South African Innovation league, a company owned by women and also lead by women.

Beyond that, Nisha Maharaj also won the continental award of CEO globals Africas most influential women in business and they are the first women owned company to have launched a technology masterclass programme in 2018 called TechXAfrica.

Other than trying to help themselves as an emerging company, they are also trying to help other smme ICT companies thrive with a great focus on women in technology.