Block Chain

Blockchain technology was introduced in 2008 with the launch of the Bitcoin currency. While  Bitcoin introduced the idea of a public ledger system, Ethereum was thereafter introduced with  the implementation of “Smart Contracts” and since then there have been attempts to either  enhance the technology or to generalise the technology to support a wider range of applications. 

Blockchain platforms however struggle to support functional decentralised applications and as  such BitShares decentralised exchange (2014) and Steem social media platform (2016) were  introduced; with tens of thousands of daily active users. These have assisted in increasing  performance to thousands of transactions per second, reducing latency to 1.5 seconds,  eliminating per-transaction fees, and providing a user experience like those currently provided.

Still, existing blockchain platforms are burdened by large fees and limited computational capacity  that prevent widespread blockchain adoption. The ability to scale, segregate resources,  overcome hard-forks and adopt software or hardware updates are also existing challenges.

Keto Coin aims to overcome these challenges. Keto aims to introduce a Usable, Scalable,  Privacy-enabled and Maintainable block chain.



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